When you become a parent, the only thing you are truly concerned about is giving your child the best life possible. You want them to have the best education possible and more importantly, you want them to be as healthy as possible too. However, in the lives that our children lead today, they are so busy at school and then running in between tuitions and extra- curricular activities, they have no time left for any physical activity as such.

But how would you feel if your children could be physically active, learn important life skills such as leadership, team spirit and accepting failure with grace, all while they are still at school?

Most parents would think that this is impossible, because where would their child find the time for the same, especially with their busy school schedules.

SRS Sporting Skills in SVPM makes this a possibility.

We, at SRS Sporting Skills in SVPM understand how important sports are in the life of a growing child, because it not only makes a child physically fit, but also inculcates important values such as:

  • Working with a team, which could be comprised of different types of people.
  • Learning how to become a true leader.
  • Accepting failure as well as defeat with the same grace.
  • Learning how to work under pressure.
  • Understand the importance of concentration and dedication.

At SRS Sporting Skills in SVPM we collaborate with the school management and within their regular physical education or PT period, create opportunities for your child to play a range of sports. With our team of professional coaches, we can

ensure that your child will not only learn how to play the sports right, but also have a chance of playing the same at a professional level, should they ever want the same.

Here’s why you should choose SRS Sporting Skills in SVPM.

At present, we offer in-depth and detailed structured training programs for three sports- Cricket, football and tennis. The structure is so meticulously made to ensure a step by step learning method for the student and most of the learning is done within a game play which the student will enjoy while he/she learns. We have numerous coaches, each of whom has

been trained as per the best practice in their specific discipline. This ensures that they know everything that there is about their sport. In tandem with international training methods and practices followed by global sporting associations, we have created special training modules for children of all ages.


Why only 3 sports?

  • These 3 sports will cover the majority of the sports generally played and enjoyed by maximum % of students.
  • These 3 sports helps develop the various skills of hand eye coordination, feet movement, and other team building skills that can be utilized for most other sports which the student may want to migrate in the future.

We ensure that we create batches of just as many students that can be handled by our coaches, because we are committed to providing individual attention to each child. This is the only manner in which the true talent of each child will be unearthed.

Here’s a quick look at the sports and the associated training methodologies:

FOOTBALL: The curriculum that the coaches at SRS Sporting Skills in SVPM follow has been created in accordance with UEFA rules. European training norms follow a coach to student ratio based on international standards. Coaches observe and train children for individual and team performance, advancement, growing skill levels and cognizance. The training program starts with interesting games that initiate children into the world of football and then takes them gradually into technical and skills training as well as team training.

CRICKET: Mr. Kiran Shankar More, the wicket- keeper and Mr. Pravin Kalyan Amre, the bats man for the Indian

Cricket team have trained our coaches, which in turn, enables them to fine tune the existing talent in your child. Our coaches will utilize net practice and drill sessions to ensure that your child is able to discover has or her true talent in cricket. Given that our coach to student ratio is based on international standards, enabling your child to play and train under a constant and watchful eye. Your child will start by learning the basics of cricket and then progress to inter-school, professional clubs, state and regional levels and if there is true talent and diligence, perhaps even national levels!

TENNIS: Based on international LTA, Mini Tennis and Lawn Tennis programs, our curriculum has been designed with the intention of helping your child not only understand the basics of the sport, but also develop a deeper level of interest in the same. We understand that each age group will have a different skill set, which is why our mini tennis is played with smaller equipment and on a small court. The coach to student ratio will be as per the LTA standards, ensuring they get complete attention and ample individual time.