Attendance & Leave

Attendance is compulsory on the re-opening day of the school. The Principal expects that every parent should take effort to make his/her ward to be regular in attendance. No leave will be granted without the note of parents of guardian. Pupils should attend the class regularly. If the child remains absent for more than 2 days, the Medical Certificate should be submitted to the Co-ordinator. If the pupil remains absent for a period of more than one month without any intimation of school then his/her name will be struck off from the Attendance Register after sending three times Registered letters. Children who remain absent during the Summative Assessment days, will not get the re-examinations expect for medical cases. If the child is suffering from any communicable disease(air borne, water borne or contagious), the child’s [parent must submit the authenticate Medical Certificate and get the leave sanctioned what-so-ever may be the number of  days. Such children will be allowed to sit in the class only after producing the Medical Certificate of fitness.

Those children participating for inter-school competitions at any level will be treated as “present”. Long leave for other than medical will be sanctioned only after getting the prior permission from the School Committee if the concerned parent meets the Principal well in advance.

Travel concession will be issued for native place only during Diwali and Summer Vacation.

Students of Std. IX & X should be regular  to classes as their attendance is compulsory.(recommended by the CBSE Board) No Re-examination will be conducted if a student remains absent for SA-1 or SA-2 in Std IX or Std X.