Recommendation to Parents

  1. In order to secure all that is best in the education of your child, maximum co- operation between parents and the school is necessary. Besides periodic circulars sent out to parents to keep them appraised of development in the school, this diary serves as a convenient channel of two-way communication between parents and teachers. We earnestly request you to look into the diary everyday and see that the work assigned for the next day is done at home by your child\ward. Your prompt attention to Teachers views / opinions is essential.
  2. Books are to be neatly maintained and labeled properly.
  3. Take pride in sending your child smartly dressed in the prescribed School Uniform. You are requested to pay special attention to the personal hygiene and cleanliness of your child. Nutritious food should be sent in the tifffin box of the child.
  4. If you have a legitimate complaint, please feel free to meet the Principal on any working day. Problems related to school should be discussed with the Principal. Whatever the grievance, criticism of the school must be avoided in the presence of the child because it undermines respect for teachers and the school.
  5. Parent Interactions will be scheduled regularly, wherein parents have the opportunity to meet their children’s /ward’s teachers to discuss the progress of their children. Constructive suggestion given by parents/guardian are always welcome and arte given due consideration.
  6. Parents, guardian or relatives are not allowed to meet pupils or teachers during school hours; they may contact the school authorities in case of an emergency. Direct contact with teachers is discouraged very firmly. Parents are not permitted to go to the classrooms.
  7. Parents, guardians are expected to be very particular that their children return home- immediately after school hours.
  8. Change of an address and telephone number should be intimated without delay to school office as well as to the class teacher (in writing).
  9. Please encourage your children to be useful members of the home and society. They should be taught to keep their rooms tidy, make their beds , polish their shoes etc. formation of such habits inculcate dignity of labour.
  10. Students from out of District/State shall be eligible for admissions on submitting School Leaving Certificate dually counter- signed by the District Officer of the District in which the previous school is situated.
  11. School Leaving Certificate shall be issued only after clearing all the dues.