General Information

  1. Every student must carry the Calendar and Identity Card to the school every day.
  2. Regular attendance and regular study, obedience, courtesy  in speech and conduct, personal cleanliness and neatness are expected from every pupil.
  3. English will be used as the only means of communication. The medium of instruction for all subjects, other than the Second, Third Language, is English. An exception to this rule can be made only during the Second Language classes. However, these language teachers should use English whenever possible and needed and for all out of lesson transactions in school.
  4. The School must and will enhance Public Speaking opportunities, create a motivational environment to promote reading and encourage self expression through planned oral assignments.
  5. We, at Sanskar Public School, understand the importance of the students’ mother tongue hence we will make every effort to implement this policy without undermining the importance of the mother tongue. Students have to understand that this is a part of the ethos of an English medium CBSE School, that parents have chosen it over other schools for this reason and that it is the need of the hour to develop good communication skills in English.
  6. No student shall leave the school premises during the school hours without the prior permission of the Principal.
  7. Pupils should not litter the school premises. They should use the dustbins only.
  8. Silence should be observed while moving around inside he school premises.
  9. Pupils must take care of his/her own belongings like the school bag, rain coat, jersey, lunch box etc.
  10. All text books, work books, etc. should be neatly covered with brown paper and labeled properly citing name, standard, division and subject.
  11. The school does not grant any half day for students except for the month end.
  12. The leave record should be duly filled in by the parents.
  13. Students are prohibited to carry mobile phones-/I-pod or other electronic gadgets, objectionable literature and any other unacceptable material to the school. Violation of this will lead to serious consequences.
  14. Students should take care of school property. It any damage is done by any student/students then an appropriate sum will have to be paid to the school office by the concerned parents/guardians.
  15. If a child does not feel well, he/she should not be sent to school. In case of an emergency, the pupil must carry a letter from the parent.
  16. Students are not allowed to distribute gift to their classmates on the occasion of their birthdays. Only toffees can be distributed with the consent of the office.