From The CEO’s Desk……….


A human being is just not a being, he is a becoming. He is not to be still and fixed but it is an ongoing process. Every minute particle in our body is in constant transaction with everything else in and around us scientifically. So as to keep the environment for our children conductive to their transformation from one stage to the next.

The human being may not become more brainy than what he is now unless there are some fundamental changes in the universe that promotes evolution. But we can bring about growth in other dimensions. Apart from academic excellence, we must have intensive programmes for their personal growth offering tools to rejuvenate that they can optimize all aspect of health and success in life. our school must offer scientifically holistic education to help our students established an inner strength & a vision for all dimension of life finding necessary balance between the future challenge of a demanding career and self sustained inner peace and a well being that is both professional and personal excellence.

In our daily life we need leadership and those leaders can be made. A strong leader can inspire and motivate to create excellent leaders. Every parent and teacher of our institute could be a strong leader and as partners they must actively participate and co-operate to create in our little ones, the leadership required for them and the society. The teachers and parents should be good role models. Our society responsible behavior is a skill that can be transformed from one generation to the other. We are born to win and our success is a matter of choice and not chance. Today our children have become tech-savvy and feel uncomfortable with people. With broad-mindedness we can appreciate it only to that this should not narrow their conscience. I wish every teacher and parent to clasp their hands together to bring up the children as respectable and responsible citizen with all integrity so that the children enter Sanskar Public School as children and leave the school as leaders to leave a legacy.

Thanking you all

With Best Wishes

Amala Stanley