Pre Primary – The Administrator’s Views


Dear parents,

Sanskar Public Schools one of the few CBSE Curriculum Based School in the city of Thane. Our aim is to give you everything that you need or want for your child and make education an enjoyable exercise with emphasis on observation and active interaction.

We believe that the most important thing we will do at Sanskar Public School is to develop a child’s self confidence both socially and educationally by providing a happy atmosphere, thus enabeling the child to enjoy his\her first experience of school. Making their day ‘fun’ gives them enthusiasm for learning from which they will benefit both at Sanskar  Public School and in the future. We understand the needs, aspiration, and are united with a desire for quality, which although easy to aspire, is hard to achieve and harder still to achieve consistently.

My more than twenty five years in this teaching profession helps me when it comes to staff selection. We carefully select hard working well qualified and responsible teachers who work with excellent dedication. Having recruited high caliber staff, we continually train , monitor and support them. Sprawling area of the school premises gives us the added advantage in staff training, professional administration and maintenance,

The surest way to get is to give. Modeling and sculpting of a worthy new generation is my endeavour and I’m sure that this is possible only when the parents and the school staff work hand-in-had.

We are trying to create an atmosphere which nurtures the child’s creative and physical growth. Sri. Vinoba Bhave had once said, “If you just help in creating an atmosphere, the rest will be done by the atmosphere itself. Even the wingless rises high like a bird when a powerful storm comes.” Let us hope our Sanskruties will always learn to do so with the wind below their wings.

Although this ALMANAC tells you how the school is run , it cannot fully communicate Sanskar Public School’s views and opinions. Therefore, we hope that you experience your child’s growth with Sanskar Public Schools……………

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,

Management Representative and Administrator SPS
Vasanti A. Gokani