House System & Student Council

Our student council has got a four house system:-

  1. Aryabhatta (aqua-blue)
  2. Dhyanchand (red)
  3. Gandharva (green)
  4. Kalidas (yellow)

In each class the students are more or less divided into these four houses. In each class each house will have its respective House Captain (i.e. four House Captain in each class). Each house of the school will have one head boy and head girl (i.e. four head boys and four head girls in the school).

Inter-house competitions  are conducted daily/weekly and also at different occasion such as Annual Sports Meet and Annual Day etc.grade points will be allotted for each competition & the events of sports, cultural activities, soft board decoration, attendance, discipline, manners, behavior etc. the house which scores the maximum points in the academic year will be bestowed with the rotating trophy on the annual  Sports Day.

A few House Events are as follows:

  1. Dramatic
  2. Dance and music
  3. Debate
  4. Quiz
  5. Games and sports
  6. Elocution
  7. Patriotic songs
  8. Devotional songs
  9. March past
  10. Flannel board decoration
  11. Slogan writing